Soil and Groundwater Services

EAI applies the best international practices to Japan-specific problems, and combines innovative thinking with real-world business intelligence to craft cost-effective, workable solutions to aid our clients in achieving their goals.

Japan's Soil Contamination and Countermeasures Law (SCCL) is both complex and subject to regulatory interpretation on a case-by-case basis. EAI's comprehensive soil and groundwater investigation and remediation services helps our clients to address almost any soil or groundwater concerns related to property compliance, liability or development. EAI client relationships span many years because we consistently deliver reliable solutions to environmentally complex issues.

Geologic services

EAI offers a wide range of regional geologic knowledge and services for dry land, wetlands and coastal zone (made land) environments.

Soil gas surveys

EAI typically screens potentially contaminated areas for the presence of soil gas vapors, as stipulated under SCCL protocols. EAI provides state of the art soil gas surveys to evaluate potential VOC risks as part of the overall assessment.

Soil and groundwater assessments

Soil investigation scopes can range from simple surface soil sampling to deeper, more complex soil boring and sampling efforts. EAI tailors these sampling programs to meet client expectations, budgets and regulatory (SCCL) requirements, where needed. Soil assessments are typically used to develop specific groundwater sampling efforts. Using this data, EAI is able to evaluate the most cost effective soil and groundwater cleanup programs for site conditions. Soil and groundwater assessments.

Groundwater data modeling

EAI's teams of experts are proficient in the latest predictive computer modeling software, including MODFLOW. These models use predictive modeling to model the fate and transport of contamination in soil and groundwater. The modeled data is usually expressed in 3-D configuration, allowing EAI to more effectively communicate and negotiate specific remedial plans with local regulators.

Remedial services

EAI is experienced in a broad range of soil and groundwater remedial options, including simple soil excavation/disposal programs, groundwater pump and treat systems and highly complex bioremediation programs. EAI can also provide ongoing groundwater monitoring for closure and post-closure care plans, as needed.
EAI draws upon its extensive regulatory contacts; experience and reputation when developing legally mandated remedial solutions.